A Plan for Progress

Our strategic plan for 2018-22 creates a strong foundation for the Kullilli Bulloo River Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and guides our decision-making to meet our obligations and responsibilities as trustees of the Kullilli native title rights and interests, and to realise the aspirations of our people.

To support these aspirations, we’ve identified a number of strategic priorities and a Plan of Action has been developed to specify how these priorities will be accomplished. We have also identified the risks that may impede our progress, and how we will measure our success. This Strategic Plan and its accompanying Action Plan will be refined over time as priorities are met, and in conjunction with the wishes of Kullilli People.

At the heart of this plan is our pride in our identity, and our resilience as Kullilli People.  This Plan prioritises opportunities for Kullilli People to reconnect with our country, to share our stories, and to be involved in cultural and natural resource management activities with a long term view to regaining ownership of Kullilli lands. One of the first steps under this Plan is to promote Kullilli presence in our own country and to invest in and build relationships that can grow into strong partnerships over time.

We are conscious of our role in nation building and so this plan takes a long-term view of our economic development, as well as our future leaders. The facilitation of education and training pathways that combine Kullilli and other science and knowledge traditions is at the forefront of our education and employment strategy.  Our economic strategy casts forward to see our vision of success in 20-30 years will depend on what we do in the next two to three years – we intend to start small and start now.

While we foster our partnerships and people, we must also foster or organisational capacity.  To do this, our plan lays the groundwork for the future capabilities of our corporation, through good governance systems and practices.  Without this foundation, we cannot plan, resource and carry out these important goals.

Our Priorities and Goals

Kullilli culture, history and identity

Strengthening our presence on our Country and sharing and celebrating our history and culture

Health and wellbeing

Reconnecting our people with their country and identity

Economic development

Investing in partnerships that build our economic foundation for the future

Education and employment

Facilitating education and employment pathways that build a self-determining Kullilli nation

Land and Cultural Heritage management

Getting back on country, engaged in the management of place and renewing our stories

Good governance systems and practices

Setting an example and establishing foundations for future Kullilli leaders