About the Corporation

Kullilli country is located in the Channel Country bioregion of South West Queensland. It is spectacular red earth country, characterized by vast floodplains, channels fringed by gidyea and eucalypt woodlands, sand dunes, gravel plains, and mulga shrublands. It is harsh country, but it is our home.

On 2 July 2014, the Federal Court of Australia made a consent determination recognising the native title rights and interests of the Kullilli People over roughly 29,600 square kilometres of land, including the township of Thargomindah and areas of the Bulloo, Paroo, and Quilpie Shires.

To ensure our native title rights and interests are maintained and can be freely enjoyed, the Kullilli People established the Kullilli Bulloo River Natie Title Aboriginal Corporation. As such, we act on behalf of the Kullilli People in all of our native title matters.


Our native title determination marked the end of almost twenty years of native title claims and negotiations in which the Kullilli People and their representatives fought for recognition of their rights to their country. Kullilli country is the country of our mothers, fathers, and ancestors, and it’s our time to rekindle our relationship with this land.

The Kullilli Bulloo River Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is committed to this objective, and as such, we have developed a strategic plan paving the way forward for the benefit of our community.

Our Vision

Promote Kullilli culture and empower future generations to be self-determined and economically sustainable.

Our Purpose

To establish good governance and work in unity with our Kullilli People to encourage self-determination through strengthening culture, land management, education, training and economic development opportunities.

Our Values

  • Identity
  • Self-determination
  • Culture and spirit
  • Unity for future generations
  • Good governance
  • Respect and trust
  • Integrity


The Kullilli Bulloo River Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is open to members who identify as Kullilli People in accordance with our Rule Book. To join, please download our Membership form below and return it to us via e-mail kullillipbc@gmail.com.