The Kullilli on-country NAIDOC event is back

Join us in our celebration of NAIDOC

KBRAC is inviting registrations from Kullilli people who are wanting to attend and from those who are interested in volunteering.


This year KBRAC is able to offer support to attend with travel and accommodation provided through charter bus and tent city hire *. 


We are now taking bookings to register for :

  1. General Admission (Free of charge)

  2. Travel and Accommodation Admission *

  3. Travel Only Admission  *

  4. Accommodation Only Admission *


Registrations Close:  Sunday 4 September 2022


NAIDOC 2022 Registration form








    Bookings information:


    1. General Admission (Free of charge)

              Attendance only.  (No travel or Accommodation)

    1. Travel and Accommodation Admission *

               Attendance with Coach and Tent City bookings.

    1. Travel Only Admission *

              Attendance with Coach only booking.  

    1. Accommodation Only Admission *

              Attendance with Tent City only booking.  


    * A non-refundable fee of $50.00 will be applied to registrations for supported travel and accommodation (for up to 5 people, and $10 per person after that). 

    An invoice will be issued for *selected bookings with payment due by 14.09.2022 to secure places.

    The decision to apply this fee is in response to the number of last-minute withdrawals that occurred in 2021.

    Please direct all booking enquiries to our contact page.